The Debate Exchange will take place in Hotel Maxim in Svätý jur.


According to forecasts it will be over 30 degrees most days and we can expect summer showers. At night temperatures will drop below 20 degrees.

Travel and weather information will be posted here shortly.

Keep all your tickets. If we do not get a ticket from you, we will not be able to reimburse you for it.

By plane from Vienna (bus to Bratislava)

Exit the terminal next to the McDonalds. As you exit, the bus platforms will be on your right.  You should be departing from platform 4 in a red Slovak Lines bus or a greyish Postbus. There's a panel outside that displays all information you may need. The driver will have you pay 1 euro for the luggage and just ask him for a ticket to the bus station, which should cost 7,70.

By bus from Bratislava
Buses to Svätý Jur depart as often as every 15 minutes in rush hour from platforms 41-45. Svätý Jur is the first village after the bus leaves Bratislava. The fare is 1,15 Euros and you get the ticket from the driver. This is what it looks like at the bus stop where you’re supposed to get off.

From Svätý Jur bus stop to the hotel
Walk towards Bratislava (in the direction you arrived) on the main street and when you cross Bratislavská, turn right.,17.215286&sspn=0.004022,0.009645&geocode=FbxE4AIdyrAGAQ%3BFaM84AIdQaMGAQ&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=17&z=17

By train from Bratislava Main station (Hlavná stanica)
Trains to Svätý Jur depart at least once an hour. Most of them are Os trains (non-express, calling at all stations) in the Trnava or Leopoldov direction. The fare is 0,78 Euro. You can buy tickets from ticket vendors or machines (they usually work and accept only coins). If you’re unsure which train to board, ask the ticket vendors or in the information kiosk.

From Svätý jur train station to the hotel
Walk up Kollárova, cross the main street and continue to Bratislavská.,17.213735&sspn=0.008044,0.01929&geocode=FeUx4AIdXrQGAQ%3BFaM84AIdQaMGAQ&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=16&z=16

From Bratislava-Petržalka
If you arrived from Austria, you may end up at Bratislava-Petržalka. Take the 93 bus to Hlavná stanica. You need a 0,70 Euros ticket, sold in machines or newspaper stands. Alternatively you can get a 1 Euro SMS ticket by sending a blank message to +421 905 1100.

Try avoiding taxis that stand at the railway station because they charge a
Instead you may want order a taxi, for example at +421 2 16 333 or +421 2 16 302.  We will refund taxis only in exceptional circumstances.

Calling us
If you run into trouble getting to the hotel, call us at +421 905 123 056 or +421 948 440 653.

Registration form

Participants are asked to follow this link for the registration form.